Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We're having a heat wave - it's 25°!

Finally got a couple of rides in.  You know it's been cold when 25° feels balmy!!

We actually had our first "western" lesson on Sunday, Feb 7.  It was a blast!  So much good stuff and a very good reminder to mix it up.  I tend to get on a 20 meter circle and stay there - boring!!

Among other things, we worked on bending exercises and trotting through cones to maintain better rhythm.  Making sure Dodger stayed relaxed was the major goal of all of the exercises.  I came away with some great tips and couldn't wait to put them to use.

Of course, the following week (2-8 thru 2-14) was frigid and I just don't ride when the temps are below 20° - the footing gets too hard and it just seems counter productive.

So, I finally got back in the saddle on Monday (2/15).  We took it easy - lots of walk work, bending exercises, "whoa" and backing.  Also threw in some leg yields.  He was really good - although he seems stiff to the right - glad the Chiro is scheduled for this Friday.

Yesterday was much the same, although I did add a touch of trot work and some side passing over poles.  The trot work is challenging right now - although he feels more relaxed, he doesn't quite get what I want - I'm thinking more "stretchy circle", he's thinking more "working trot"!

Big news!

I've decided to move to a different boarding facility.  Put lots of thought into it and although I'm sad to say goodbye to our current barn and the great new trainer I've found - I think, in the long run, this will be a better option for us.  It is a heated barn (breaks into happy dance) and the "head" trainer specializes in horses that have physical issues.  She will evaluate Dodger and together we can figure out what direction to go in, what will be best for Dodger.   The move is scheduled for March 1.  Wish us luck!

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