Monday, March 28, 2016

Time for an update!

We have settled in nicely at the new barn and we are both appreciating the quieter atmosphere.

We have just started working with the resident trainer and I am very hopeful that we are finally on the right track!

So our cow pony aspirations have been put on hold while we delve back into the world of dressage.  I think the time off was very beneficial - we both needed it.  But, I think we are ready to get back to work and boy, there is plenty of that to be done!

We made some equipment changes/adjustments for our "re-start":

-  Cavesson and flash have been re-introduced and are now fitted appropriately.
-  New bit - loose ring with bean and thicker mouthpiece (replaces very thin loose ring french link).
-  It appears my dressage saddle is too small for my length of leg - so, we will see if my hunt saddle is     a better fit for now.
-  We have raised my stirrups to the appropriate length.

My first lesson with RT went, all in all, very well.   Our walk work was OK, we just need more forward.  Trot work - gets too fast!  Canter work was good.  He needs more education about the outside rein.  I need to work on how to help him.

We have homework to do!!      

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